SMG Swiss Marketplace Group AG: Cookies, similar technologies and online advertising

This document explains how SMG Swiss Marketplace Group AG (hereinafter SMG Group) uses cookies and similar technologies for operating some of its market platforms and for providing interest-based advertising. You will also learn how you can control our use of these technologies. This policy applies to the following online marketplaces of the SMG Group: AutoScout24, ImmoScout24, MotoScout24, FinanceScout24 and

SMG Group reserves the right to amend this document (COW) at any time. The version published on the above-mentioned online marketplaces applies in each case. Please re-read this policy at regular intervals so that you are always up to date on what data is processed during your visit to the SMG Group and how you can influence it.

1. Cookies

We distinguish among the following cookies:

Mandatory cookies: These cookies are absolutely necessary for navigating on our websites and using its functions, such as accessing the secure login area. Without these cookies, services such as shopping baskets cannot be made available.

Performance cookies: These cookies collect information about such things as the pages most frequently visited. Probably the best-known example is Google Analytics, which, for registered users, can store the account ID and an encrypted e-mail address for purposes of recognising them. The remaining performance cookies do not collect information for the purpose of recognising visitors pseudonymously. The collected information is evaluated cumulatively and is therefore anonymous. This information is utilised to improve the functionality of our websites, e.g., through A/B testing.

Cookies used and corresponding opt-out links:

Atlassian Jira Servicedesk
Google Analytics
Google Tag Manager

Functionality cookies store entries made by you (e.g., user name, language, text size, prior entries, etc.) to improve your user experience on the websites.

Targeting/advertising cookies: These cookies use anonymous information about your surfing behaviour or, more precisely, about the surfing behaviour documented through your browser, to better match ads to your presumed interests, limit how often you see an ad, or to help measure the effectiveness of digital ad campaigns. These cookies are set by SMG Group internal marketing organisation, SMG Advertising or by independent advertising networks acting on behalf and with the consent of SMG Group. These advertising cookies remember that you visited our websites and they share this anonymous user behaviour with other media companies. In no event is any personal data, such as your name, address and e-mail address, stored in these cookies. Content providers such as SMG Group use targeting/advertising cookies as the technical basis for financing through advertising their frequently no-cost offerings.

Cookies used and corresponding opt-out links:

Google DoubleClick
Google Adsense
Google Optimize
Microsoft Bing

2. How to manage or opt out of cookies

Most Internet browsers accept cookies automatically. However, you can instruct your browser not to accept cookies or to ask you each time before accepting a cookie from a website visited by you. You can also delete cookies on your computer or mobile device by using the corresponding feature in your browser. For instructions, please look under the keyword "cookie" in your browser's help file or user manual.
You can decide at any time whether or not you wish to take advantage of targeted ads matched to your potential interests. However, opting-out does not mean that no further online ads will be displayed to you. Rather, it only means that the ads displayed to you on our websites are not tailored to your presumed interests and may therefore be less relevant to you.
We recommend the following two procedures for managing which cookies you wish to accept or block:

a) Selecting the appropriate settings in your browser

Many browsers only allow you to block third-party cookies. Third-party cookies are cookies that are set when the website called up by you contains elements (e.g. ad banners or videos) of a third-party provider, e.g. an advertising network.

You can also block all cookies. However, this could significantly restrict your web-surfing comfort if you use services that rely on mandatory cookies, performance cookies or functionality cookies. For more information on managing your web browser's privacy settings please look under the keyword "cookie" in your browser's help file or user manual.

b) Using Ghostery

Today's websites employ many useful tools and technologies, including "trackers" (primarily cookies), to guarantee an interesting and integrated user experience. Trackers can use this information to place ads, analyse your surfing behaviour, make connections via social media, provide comment sections and much more.
Ghostery ( is a browser extension that helps you manage website trackers. It identifies all trackers on the individual websites and allows you to configure them one by one and in detail according to your needs.
This program is independently developed by Ghostery. SMG Group has no control over future functionality and therefore cannot make any warranty regarding its scope of services.

3. Further information on data protection and contact

For further information on data protection, please refer to the SMG Group's privacy policy.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us on:

4. Further information on cookies

You can find further information about cookies here:

Last updated: 11 November 2021